Ms Ann Keily,  SENCO.  The Globe Academy.

'Entrust Associates has delivered a therapeutic service to our predecessor school and Globe Academy for the past 9 years.  The Entrust counselling team of 5 counsellors provide a minimum of 35 hours a week to students across KS3 and KS4.

This service provides a vital and important role in supporting student wellbeing and has consistently proven to enable students to engage in school life, both academic and relational, where previously they had significantly struggled to do so.  They provide a service that:
  • Is adaptable, approachable, professional, friendly, engaging with staff.
  • Responds rapidly and flexibly.
  • Accommodates new referrals and emergencies as they arise across the key stages.
  • Offers secure containing and a confidential space.
  • Offers dedication, reliability and consistency.

With the SEN department the Entrust team have developed a streamlined, efficient referral system that does not delay the start of therapy, whilst maintaining maximum confidentiality for the students.  They work closely with the SENCO and CP officers, and forge strong links with the key pastoral staff in each of the small schools; this enables them to stay aware of students’ needs and progress, report any CP disclosures and ensure that a student’s needs are properly met.  When appropriate they provide written reports to the school, attend Team around the Child meetings, or meet other professionals to expand the picture of a student’s circumstances.  They endeavour to support staff through their understanding of a student’s psychological profile.  

The Entust team offer a range of provision from one-off counselling sessions, six to ten weeks, or longer term depending on the complexity of issues arising.  Work may include anger management techniques, social and relational skills, grief work, motivational therapy and art and play therapy, for example.  

The Entrust Associates work has had a significant impact on the progress of a large number of vulnerable students at Globe, some of whom would not have survived the school journey without this invaluable service onsite.’

Deputy Head, Sion Manning School.

‘We are really happy with the counselling provided by Entrust.  Their counsellors have formed excellent relationships with the girls who they have been working with and I know the girls have found both of them really approachable.  In addition to this they have both made themselves very much part of the intervention team here at Sion Manning.  The counsellors have shown a clear understanding of the wide and varied issues brought to our school by the pupils and their families.’

Deputy Head, St. Angela's Ursulin School.

‘The Entrust counsellors work with me in the 6th form.  They are extremely professional and excellent with the students.  The informal feedback from students is very positive.  I don’t know how we would cope without them!’

Pastoral Achievement Leader and Social Inclusion Manager, Little Ilford School.

‘The counsellors that we have at Little Ilford School have been a wonderful addition to our pastoral team.  They are extremely conscientious and able to work independently and use their initiative when it comes to arranging appointments with students to cause the least disruption to student’s learning.  They understand the pressures and constraints of working in a school and are able to ensure that any intervention is ultimately linked to achievement.’

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