Measurable Outcomes

At Entrust we consider it vital to the accountability of the service that we provide schools with measureable outcomes.

We use the young person’s CORE (YP CORE), which is an assessment tool developed as a brief measure for use in schools and youth counselling services. This tool has been widely used throughout services for both adults and young people for many years, and is the least intrusive and easily utilised measurement tool available for use in schools.  Find out more about CORE by clicking the links below:
YP CORE enables our counsellors to measure young people’s level of risk, and change in their school and home life, both in terms of behaviour and attitudes towards themselves and others.

Each counsellor will use the measurement tool, which is a simple self-assessment form, at the beginning of working with a pupil, and at the end of the coaching in order to measure the effectiveness of the sessions.  Results will be logged, collated, and presented to the school at the end of the academic year.

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