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Initially part of the charity Teens and Toddlers offering cutting edge self-development programmes for young people at risk of social exclusion within both schools and boroughs as a whole, we became independent in 2009 taking on the name Entrust Associates, inspired to solely dedicate ourselves to applying the approaches that worked within the school environment.

The school signs a simple rolling contract (which can be cancelled at any time with 60 days notice) and is billed in September for the academic year.

The therapists/coaches make an initial visit to the school in order to meet their liaison and to discuss specific referral arrangements and procedures, and then begin their work with the students on an appointed date.

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Therapists work with students for 2-6 sessions, using the ‘Entrust Approach’, a relational, strengths-based approach with provides coping strategies and empowers young people to engage more fully in school, at home and in the wider world.

Our innovative approach combines some of the most cutting-edge methods of working with young people: mentalization, solution-focused, systemic and mindfulness-based theory. 

School-based therapy/coaching is an important prevention and early intervention measure in helping to identify underlying mental and health problems.  Emotional barriers to learning are well known and documented and emotional distress severely affects academic attainment, classroom behaviour and school attendance.

School-based interventions have been shown to significantly reduce students’ emotional distress which not only enhances and improves the lives of young people but also of teachers and parents as well.

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